There are so many beautiful places to spend time outside in the United States. A picnic is the perfect occasion to bring your family and friends together.

One of these amazingly beautiful picnic spots is a must visit. You will feel great.

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One of the most famous parks. Central Park in New York City is truly an urban getaway. With a size of 843 acres, this park has a lot of space.

1. Central Park, New York City

Located near Malibu California, Point Dume beach is a great picnic spot, a great place for beach lovers.

2. Point Dume, California

Apart from being a beautiful and serene vacation spot for picnics, the reserve also has hiking trails and is a very popular place for swimming in the ponds in summer.

3. Walden Pond, Massachusetts

4. Guadalupe River, Texa

5. Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park, Maine

6. Isle Royale National Park, Michigan

7. Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

8. Eldorado Canyon State Park, Colorado

9. Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

10. DuPont State Forest, North Carolina