Well the City of Buffalo buried and unrecognizable as the death toll from the devastating Deluge of heavy winds and heavy snow

continues to rise officials reporting 27 deaths so far in Erie County New York

alone some victims found in snow Banks and cars after this blistering blizzard brought even First Responders

efforts at some points to a complete standstill of victims apparently dying from exposure according

To officials others lack of heat and cardiac events after shoveling snow officials say between today and

tomorrow parts of Buffalo could see up to another foot of snow hampering ongoing urgent search and rescue missions

happening on the ground in the region there 400 National Guardsmen on the ground fortunately we're hearing that

conditions should improve in the coming days with warming temperatures on the way but the sweeping Storm's timing it

Certainly brought a lot to a standstill and we continue to see the link anchoring impacts on travel

more than fourteen thousand flight cancellations since Friday.